Al fresco era wedding at Mercouri Estate in the Peloponnese

August 26, 2017


This al fresco wedding in the Western Peloponesse is a swathe of pastoral grace. On the plateau

of the Ichthis peninsula near the village of Korakochori (“the place of the crow”), the mid 19th

century Mercouri Estate opened its gates and took us back in 3me, to an age of innocence

drenched in so4 light, the colors and the scents of trailing vineyards, verdant olive groves,

grapes, currants, and oaks. From the winery and the central mansion to its gardens where the

ceremony and recep3on took place, lush 5ora and par3cularly pre6y fauna - a roost of peacocks-

created the perfect ambiance for the beau3ful bride and groom.

Ge8ng wed in this secret garden had been the bride's childhood dream as the estate is owned

by her uncle and I was thrilled to see that Only For You knew exactly how to grasp the

atmosphere of an era wedding in all its whooping details. Be it the delicate vigne6es of the

couple's sta3onery, the confe8 cones, or the vintage carton boxes carried by the 5ower girls, the

calligraphed welcome boards, the rus3c place card, wine, =nger food and refreshment sta3ons,

or the classy blue ribbon straw hats o>ered to the guests, everywhere one looked there was

something to be coveted. Gorgeous country styled tables, in pillow blue accented with bright

bloom conversa3on friendly centerpieces and colorful notes, oak barrels and baskets brimming

with fresh 5orals, a superb 5oral instala3on photobooth under a sea of wisteria and a folk group

of musicians and bridesmaids, brought that era feel full-circle and had my camera click non-stop


Congrats Demetra, wish you the best. 

love Anjie









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