A bohemian Wedding in Mykonos

September 1, 2017



Helena and Ryan are one of these couples one gets smitten with at first sight. Their incredible positive energy, sweet disposition and wide smiles told me right away I had hit a wedding planner's jackpot and I couldn't wait to work with the two Londoners, who are as in love with Mykonos as I am. The bride's father is actually of Mykonian descent hence the couple's decision to tie the knot in their favourite place. 


We took two trips to the isle of winds and by the end of our second date , every beautiful detail of their wedding was set in motion. 


Inspired by the deep seas, a unique color palette ranging from cadet, to teal, to air force and pillow soft tones of blue , got infused with sandy and rose gold accents, with a few hints of greenery and creamy whites. 


I wished to create something truly memorable for Helena and Ryan making their wedding and union as a family (they are blessed with a beautiful baby boy who attended the ceremony). Every detail big and small just had to be a little treasure. The couple went for passport themed stationery as most of their guests would be joining them from afar. Their favors were the ever so Grecian "Mati" (the eye) a token of good luck and protection, made of jute, while the menu cards were themed after the landmark of Mykonos, a delicate blue engraving of the iconic windmills. 


For the ceremony, a canopy decorated with white and blue hydrangeas, leafy greens and touches of pampas grass was escorted by two giant crab constructions on each side, adding a whimsy note, while a spectacular photo booth made entirely of pampas grass and bonded with large blooms created a sensation. 


The beach at Hippie Fish, where the famous movie Shirley Valentine was shot in 1989, transformed into a beach party perfect scene with rattan furniture, jute carpets, rag rugs, patterned and textured beach cushions, throws and white wooden tables. 


Above us the postcard perfect famed restaurant was decorated with dangling wisteria and a sea of lanterns that created an utterly romantic ambiance for this uber chic family and their lovely guests, who dinned in an organically styled setting always kept to the couple's pretty palette. 


What I loved most about Helena and Ryan's wedding was this warm sense of welcome, their endless embraces and deliciously happy vibes. The newlyweds surprised their loved ones with greek folk dancers who entered the party and set the dance floor on fire, followed by the breaking of dishes, this fun old Greece custom. After hours everyone moved to the beach for an unforgettable party till the wee hours. Seeing them dancing, laughing and loving hard was what left a huge smile in my heart and the promise to meet them soon some day. 


Congrats guys, wish you the best. 







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